A Lack of Decisions

One of the important parts of being in a relationship is making decisions as a couple, but some people hold the belief they should waver in this area. A lack of decisions by a partner is often a signal that the other person can do anything they want, and it can become a habit. Those who believe they can let the other person make all the decisions are handing over all their power, so they need to consider how it will affect them in the future.

Leaving everything up to someone else might seem fine at first, but the burden can cause resentment. The other person could feel they are expected to do everything, and it will wear thin after only a few weeks or months. Their role in the relationship is to be the adult, so there is little reason for them to treat the other person in that manner. Taking care of a child is not what they bargained for when they started the relationship.

The person who fails to assert their own decisions into any part of the relationship is refusing to participate actively in it. They have an unconscious desire to have another person lead them by the hand, but they do not always recognize what they are doing. The effects of several relationships like this might lead them to believe they are simply choosing the wrong person, but an honest look into their own actions will help them find the real root of the problem.

It can be difficult to look deeply into a person’s own acts to find what has gone wrong, but it is the only way to make positive changes when seeking good relationships. Those who have the courage to do what is necessary will find their dating luck is getting better.