A Relationship of Giving

There are many times when a person compensates for their partner, but it should be returned in full measure when they have difficulties. Many relationships that last have this factor in common. For those who believe a partner is simply there to cover their own weaknesses and give little thought to reciprocating, the relationship will often fail. A relationship of giving by both people is the formula for success, so it should be a factor when deciding if the other person is worthy of love.

Every person has strengths and weaknesses, and not all of them can be compensated by another person. This should be a realistic way to begin examining what is needed in a partner, but it should not necessarily be a reason for rejection. While the other person might not be outgoing, two people with compatible social skills could be a relationship that works over time. Knowing this type of information could help a person decide if they are choosing the right people for relationships.

Compensation is good for couples when they want more out of life, and they should seek partners able to help them achieve it. A person uncomfortable in social situations might expect their partner to help them over their nervousness, and it would be their effort to reach out to others that compensates the work their partner is doing to help them. This is a situation where complete compatibility is not necessary, but it is one where a couple should work together to solve an issue.

Life is full of happiness and disappointments, but couples able to work together often find happiness more often. Being able to help each other through life is an important part of a long term relationship, and the rewards will often outweigh the work that each person puts into giving assistance to their partner.