A Time for Self

Choosing all the wrong partners and relationships can make a single person weary, and they might decide to take a break from dating. A large part of that break should be about figuring out what is wrong so they can have a chance to find the right person. It might be a time for self where the person analyses who they are and their goals in life, and it should turn into an opportunity to find ways to progress in a positive way. Being alone is not always fun, but being with the wrong person all the time can be worse. Taking a break and working on becoming an independent person could be the best way to find a good relationship.

Respect should be a big part of any relationship, and those who feel worthy of it are more likely to receive it. A person with little or no regard for their own happiness or life is more likely to attract someone looking for prey instead of a partner. Respecting another person is well and good, but only if they are willing to return it in full measure.

Dating is about weeding out the unsuitable ones, and the decision should be made fairly quickly. Moving on to the next person should be a single dater’s goal, but only if they are ready for a real relationship. If they are unaware of what they really want and just drifting through life, they will seldom find happiness with another person.

There are many ways to find bad relationships, and they are often the easiest ones to fall into without work. Those singles who want more out of life than a series of failed relationships should take the time they need to uncover their own issues, and then they should seek out potential partners for a long term relationship that can be successful.