Acquiring a Friend

The emotional chaos of dating can overwhelm even the steadiest of people, and it is often due to continued failures to find the right person. Some singles always choose a person with the best looks, or they might look for those with a good career. What they should really be seeking is someone who can make them happy in many different ways. Acquiring a friend should be their goal when asking or accepting a date because a friend is more likely to be someone suitable for a long term relationship.

When it comes to making a commitment to another person, a relationship should be about mutual respect and support. Many people ignore these two important attributes, and that is often why their relationships fail. A date who turns out to be someone worthy of long conversations and support in even a small mishap is someone to consider for a long term relationship. Their looks or career should have little to do with being attractive.

Looks are generally what immature singles seek, and that can be what separates the unhappy singles from those in good relationships. Finding that right person should be about spending time with someone who makes life better instead of making a person look important because their date is stunning. It takes time and maturity to learn this fact, but those who want to find the right one for them may eventually realize what they are doing wrong.

There is no reason to avoid dating someone with a good career or who looks stunning. They are people just like the wallflowers or the quiet people with unexciting careers. The entire point of dating is to get to know another person and see if they are suitable for a long term relationship. Those looking only for a visual pop of recognition from their friends for getting a date with someone who stands out are less than likely to be happy over the long run.