Conquering Relationship Fear

Those who have finally realized their lack of decisiveness in a relationship is often the cause of issues will need to find the courage to begin again, and conquering their relationship fear is the first step. They may be afraid of making a true commitment, or they might find a deep feeling of unworthiness to be with someone supportive. Those who have taken the first step of discovery will find they need even more courage to make positive changes.

It can be difficult to change, but those seeking a good relationship will be willing to make the effort. They could have several false starts as they begin again, but they will have to realize that learning new habits does take time. They could find it is in their best interests to stay within the safe area of spending time with family and friends at first, and they can use that time to perfect their new ability to make decisions on their own.

Learning a new behavior takes effort because it is easiest to fall back on a former habit, but it also takes a lot of courage for those who are doing it to make major life changes. They will find it easiest to let friends and family do their thinking for them, and they must guard against that tendency. If they have loved ones who want to see them succeed, they will find all the support they need to get them started on a good path toward happiness.

Once they have learned how to express their own decisions with people who will not judge them, it is time to start dating again. While they might find the first few people they choose are unwilling to deal with their new assertiveness, they could eventually find someone for a good relationship that will last for many decades.