Worthy of Love

Few people look around and decide they want that one person who will mistreat them, but their behaviour patterns could cause them to find someone like that every time they get into a relationship. It would seem easy enough to seek counselling to help them sort out what they are doing wrong, but many people avoid that solution. What they really need is a way to feel worthy of love before they meet the right person. Once they have bolstered their own inner self, they will be able to find and claim that one person just right for them.

Being in a good relationship is about two people helping each other down the twisted paths and byways of life, so choosing the right partner is important. A person easily lost should be looking for someone with a great homing instinct, and a person willing to lead the way might need a dedicated followers. Finding the person to help bolster weaknesses and appreciate strengths is a large part of what a good relationship is about, so seeking that person could be considered a treasure hunt.

There are some times when people can be weary of the hunt, and they could be tempted to settle. While they are worthy of love, the type of emotional support they would receive in this relationship might not be satisfying. There could be absolutely nothing wrong with the other person, but the chemistry that makes the relationship work through any scenario could be missing.

It is vital in a long term relationship to balance strengths and weaknesses between partners, but those willing to settle for the next person they date could be missing this facet. It might not be apparent for the first few years, but it could cause the relationship to sputter to a half as lack of emotional involvement becomes plain when the veneer of the relationship wears thin.